Shaky Economy Awaits College Graduates


BusinessShaky Economy Awaits College GraduatesShaky Economy Awaits College GraduatesThe Associated PressDespite an uncertain economy, there is encouraging news for graduates about to enter the job market. (May 19)(College grad video .. expected this Sunday from Georgetown) Graduation time in America. This year’s celebration comes with a backdrop of an uncertain economy, spurred by the dampening impacts of the housing slump and rising food and energy prices. But the job market has remained relatively firm in the face of these troubles. The nation’s unemployment rate recently put at 5 percent. A time for optimism for those ready to work. Paul Hughes, graduating with an MBA from American University in Washington is one of the lucky ones. He has a job. A native of Grenada, he has friends from abroad in the U.S. who aren’t so lucky. (DC college jobs 122513 IN at 12:29:27…some of them are having some trouble now…. OUT…look abroad. And professional recruiters can point to strong demand for certain white collar areas. (title: Tim Namie (NAME-ee, area manager for Manpower Professional) (DC Man Power 1548 12…In at 15:50:20…Generally we are seeing plenty of opporunity OUT….and finance) The headlines have been scary at times, but aspiring workers are finding places to work… (DC college jobs IN at 12:49:30 ….Corporations compared to, if you… OUT…..down economy. (title: Jay Liwanag (Luh-wahn-ag) director of corporate relations and career services, Kogod School of business) That’s not to say everything is smooth sailing…..the softer job market is requiring patience. (Liwanag… IN at 12:58:40 They’re getting a lot of interviews… OUT…lot quicker.) Hughes, who has taken a job with a startup, says students need to be flexible as they prepare for their first big job. He says always have a plan B… (IN at 12:44:16 You do target what you want…. OUT…pay rent.) (shot of Hughes walking 13:03) The path to employment… .not always a straight line…. but one where prospects may not be as bad as feared. MH, The Associated Press….


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