Body Found Is That of Missing College Student


SelectPlusBody Found Is That of Missing College StudentBody Found Is That of Missing College StudentThe Associated PressPolice in Vermont say the body pulled from a creek on Tuesday is that of missing college student Nicolas Garza. The Middlebury College student has not been seen since disappearing in early February. (May 29)[Notes:ANCHOR VOICE] Autopsy results confirm a body found in a Middlebury Vermont creek earlier this week is that of missing college student Nicholas Garza. The 19-year-old was last seen in February, heading back to his dorm room on Middlebury College’s campus. Now that police have located the student’s body,they’re trying to determine exactly how he died and if foul play was involved.SOT: But remember this is a two part investigation. The one part was trying to locate him; the second is trying learn the manner and cause of disappearance. We pretty much closed out the one part but we’re still pursuing the other part SOT: There were no injuries. No injuries involved at all. No broken nose, no broken fingers, no broken nails, no broken legs, no apparent wounds whatsoever.” Nothing to indicate that this body suffered any trauma Friends and family had spent the last three plus months searching for the New Mexico native. For many, the concept of closure is important.SOT: It’s good to have closure for the family you know, but I think everybody, our hearts reach out to them The discovery came just as police were set to start a massive, widespread search of Middlebury this weekend. Their focus was going to be on Otter Creek, where searcher’s found Garza’s body. Garza’s 40-year-old mother was with them. ___ ___, The Associated Press.(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE:————————-VIDEO PRODUCER:——————————VIDEO SOURCE: WCAX————————–VIDEO APPROVAL: Yes——————————VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: Must Courtesy———————————-SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE:————————————


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