New Video of NY Torture Suspect After Arrest


PlusNew Video of NY Torture Suspect After ArrestNew Video of NY Torture Suspect After ArrestThe Associated PressThe Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has released new video of Robert Williams, suspected in the 19-hour rape and torture of a Columbia University student. (June 17)This is the man prosecutors in New York say raped and tortured a Columbia University student for an unthinkable 19 hours. New video shows 31-year-old Robert Williams shortly after his arrest — during a physical examination by police. Williams strips naked — revealing a litany of physical blemishes that prosecutors allege were memorized by his victim. Details of the case have stunned many – Authorities say Williams raped the 24-year old woman repeatedly in her Manhattan apartment — poured boiling water on her, and slashed her eyelids. The woman gave vivid testimony of the ordeal in court last week — testimony so gripping it seemed to catch Williams defense attorney off guard.SOT : she’s obviously a compelling witness – a very strong woman who went through a terrible ordeal. We’ll wait and see what the jury thinks of it. During her testimony — the woman said she tried to remember specific details of her attacker — including the man’s numerous scars. This new video of Williams does shows he has a sizable scar on his stomach, as well as a distinctive oval scar with a gash through it. Both of which had been described by the victim. The last shot on the videotape was of a gold-capped left canine tooth that the victim also described to cops. Williams had previously served eight years in prison for attempted murder. If convicted, he faces a life sentence. ___ ___, The Associated Press.


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