Ex-con Convicted in Rape, Torture Case


SelectPlusEx-con Convicted in Rape, Torture CaseEx-con Convicted in Rape, Torture CaseThe Associated PressA ex-convict accused of raping and torturing a Columbia University graduate student for more than 19 hours has been convicted of his crimes. (June 25)[Notes:ANCHOR VOICE] [Notes:williams in court]This man —31-year-old Robert Williams is now facing life in prison after being convicted of raping and torturing a Columbia University graduate. [Notes:court sketch] Williams wasn’t in court when the verdict was read. The judge said when Williams heard the jury had reached a verdict, he rolled over in his cell and went back to sleep. [Notes:news conference]His lawyer says he didn’t really understand what was happening.SOT: Arnold Levine / Defense Attorney: “he’s been, in my judgement, unfit and incompetent to stand trial. Doesn’t really know what’s going on, I don’t think he really appreciates this whole process, uh…and what he was subjected to.” [Notes:williams in court] Williams was convicted on 44 of 46 counts including rape, torture and attempted murder. [Notes:court sketches]During closing arguments, the defense told jurors that whoever attacked the woman has a mind that doesn’t work in a rational way.SOT: Levine: “it’s sort of sad in a way that, that, this whole process took place for him, with him in that condition.” [Notes:court sketch of victim] The verdict comes after a gruesome trial. The victim cried as she told the story of what happened during 19 hours of horror. [Notes:shots of williams' scars, mouth]The Columbia University grad student memorized almost all of her attackers distinguishing feature, even his scars and gold tooth. She told about begging her tormentor to kill her. [Notes:exteriors of court building] Prosecutors said when the victim I-D’d Williams in court, that was all the proof they needed. [Notes:williams in court]They called DNA evidence and eyewitness accounts ‘icing on the cake.’ ___ ___, The Associated Press


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