Autopsy: UNC Student Shot Several Times


PlusAutopsy: UNC Student Shot Several TimesAutopsy: UNC Student Shot Several TimesThe Associated PressAn autopsy report released today concludes that University of North Carolina student body president Eve Carson tried to shield herself with her hand as she was shot five times, including at least two blasts to the head. (June 30)A new document unsealed Monday gives graphic details about the shocking murder of UNC student Eve Carson earlier this year.The suspects in the shooting face first degree murder charges — but a jarring autopsy report could strengthen the case against Laurence Lovette and Demario Atwater.Prosecutors now say the North Carolina student body president likely raised her arm to try to shield herself from a shotgun blast that hit her in the hand and head…That shot struck the right side of Carson’s head and brain….Eve Carson was shot four other times, according to the medical examiner’s report—- that lists her cause of death as “multiple gunshot wounds.” One forensic profiler says the apparent violent nature of the crime speaks to the mind of the killer or killers….. [Notes:ID: Dr. Michael Teague// Forensic Pathologist] [Notes:SOT: this is just a feeling of omnipetence ... I've got a hand gun -- i can do whatever i want....]Dr. Michael Teague says crimes with multiple suspects tend to be more violent. [Notes:ID: Dr. Michael Teague// Forensic Pathologist] [Notes:SOT: there's more tendency for someone to go beyond the average when u have two people there....]22-year Carson was found March 5 lying on a street not far from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill campus…..Attorney’s for the accused are asking people not to rush to judgment…..In court documents released last week— police allege that Atwater and Lovette entered Carson’s home through an open door, took her and her vehicle to an ATM, and ended up withdrawing about $1,400 over two days. On UNC’s campus –the random nature of the crime continues to leave students in shock….. [Notes:ID: Audrey Gauss / UNC Student] [Notes:SOT: it's just so much worse b/c its like why would anyone do makes you really scared all the time......]___ ___, The Associated Press.(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE: Mike Gracia————————-VIDEO PRODUCER: Michael Waldon ——————————VIDEO SOURCE: AP stringer file and court documents, sound courtesy WRAL. “WRAL.COM”————————–VIDEO APPROVAL: Donna Starddard——————————VIDEO RESTRICTIONS:———————————-SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE:


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