3 Wounded in Phoenix Community College Shooting


Plus3 Wounded in Phoenix Community College Shooting3 Wounded in Phoenix Community College ShootingThe Associated PressA former student shot three people at a Phoenix community college, injuring one of them critically, authorities said. The suspect was arrested at his home shortly after the shooting. (July 24)[Notes:VO --AERIALS] AUTHORITIES SAY A FORMER STUDENT AT SOUTH MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE SHOT THREE PEOPLE IN A COMPUTER ROOM AND THEN FLED THE CAMPUS.22 YEAR OLD RODNEY SMITH HAS BEEN ARRESTED. [Notes:VO--AERIALS]AUTHORITIES SAY HE WAS TAKEN INTO CUSTODY AT HIS HOME SHORTLY AFTER THE SHOOTING — AND HIS PARENTS AND THREE OTHER PEOPLE WERE CHARGED WITH INTERFERING WITH AN INVESTIGATION.POLICE SAY THE SHOOTING WAS PART OF A RUNNING DISPUTE BETWEEN SMITH AND ONE OF THE VICTIMS. [Notes:SOT --DET. REUBEN GONZALES/PHOENIX POLICE DEPT.] This was a physical confrontation between two people. The suspect then produced a handgun, fired at the other person that he was fighting with unfortunately also striking two completely, random victims inside the school. [Notes:VO --AERIALS]THE VICTIMS RANGE IN AGE FROM 17 TO 25. AUTHORITIES SAY ONE OF THE VICTIMS REMAINS IN CRITICAL CONDITION –THE OTHER TWO ARE STABLE. ___ ___, The Associated Press.


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