Midwives at the Edna Adan Hospital


Edna Adan and the midwives she has trained talk about the need for more midwives in Somaliland for the Half the Sky movement. Formerly the first lady of Somaliland, Edna Adan founded the Edna Adan Hospital in Hargeisa, Somaliland after working for the World Health Organization. She is an inspiring advocate for women and girls, and her maternity hospital is a place of healing and care for Somaliland’s women. She is now training and dispatching 1,000 qualified midwives throughout the country.

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Ummuliso Noqo
(Be a Midwife)
Edna Adan: I am a midwife. Know that in Somaliland, the first lady is a midwife. I’m encouraging the young women of Somaliland to take our training to become a midwife.

Woman 2: I chose to study midwifery when I saw the women from my region suffering from pregnancy complications and still births due to lack of proper medical attention.

Woman 3: I found out how women are dying due to lack of care. The poor are uneducated and cannot provide care and traditional midwives of Somaliland are becoming too old to practice their profession.

Woman 4: Pregnant women die from diseases that are easily cured such as anemia, preeclampsia, or prolonged labor. God willing we will be the group to change this. That is my hope.

Edna Adan: It takes 18 months to become a midwife. Only high school graduates are eligible to apply for the training. During those 18 months, the girls take classes and get medical training. We teach them day and night until they get really good at it. I want girls who will use their knowledge for a great purpose, I want girls who will really work very hard. When girls finish their educations and they have to go back to their towns and villages where they originally came from where their training is needed.

Woman 2: There are four of us from the region here so I think we will bring a lot of change. The area never had people like us with the knowledge and skills and who are willing to help.

Woman 4: My parents are very proud of me. They believe I will bring significant changes to their future and the future of the region.

Woman 3: I came here six months ago, I am happy to know that since coming here, already we are helping the people with their problems.

Woman 5: It is the best job. You save two intertwined lives. I encourage girls my age to study midwifery and all medical disciplines in order to help their people and their country.

Edna Adan: Yesterday, you were all students who were studying the field of midwifery. Today you have graduated, you are midwifes. Congratulations —- may God watch over you and guide you. May Allah give all those under your care good health. Amen. If you are a girl (with a high school diploma), who is interested in becoming a midwife, contact us at Edna Adan Hospital in Hargeisa. If you would like to train as as a midwife, your country will appreciate you, your people will thank you, and you will earn Alla’s blessing.

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