Reggie McKinnon Shares How He Lost His Daughter to Heatstroke


Hear from Reggie McKinnon and how he lost his daughter to heatstroke on March 8, 2010, after she was left in a hot car. His promise to honor Payton is to educate friends and family about the risk of heatstroke. Join him in getting this important message out.

Heatstroke happens when the body cannot cool itself fast enough and the core temperature rises to dangerous levels. Children’s bodies heat up three to five times faster than an adults. Sadly, more than 550 children have died this way since 1998.

Safe Kids is urging everyone to ACT:

- Avoid heatstroke-related deaths by never leaving your child alone in a car and always locking doors and trunks.

- Create reminders and habits for you and your child’s caregivers to ensure you don’t forget your child.

- Take action if you see a child unattended in a vehicle by immediately calling 911

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