School Emergency Management: Recovery Phase & the Threat Assessment process (Feb 27, 2013)


This 90-minute webinar was designed to explain the components and process of school emergency management planning, and provide basic information to help individual schools and school districts learn about how comprehensive, all-hazards plans are developed, implemented, and maintained. This presentation included special emphasis on both the Recovery Phase and the Threat Assessment process of emergency planning for schools. Immediately following the webinar is a brief question and answer session for questions raised during the course of the live presentation.

This webinar was presented by Dr. Arthur Cummins. Dr. Cummins is currently serving as Administrator of Leadership & Learning Support within the Orange County Department of Education. He is the Director for the Center for Healthy Kids & Schools overseeing programming such as Health & Wellness, Sports & Physical Education, Nutrition services, Drug & Alcohol prevention, and Mental Health services. He formerly served as a classroom teacher and school site administrator in both middle and high school in Oklahoma, Texas, and California. Dr. Cummins also serves as the Southern California Lead for the School & Law Enforcement Partnership, which facilitates collaborative relationships between law enforcement agencies and school personnel. He also serves on the Executive Board for the California School Resource Officers Association. As an approved trainer for the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Dr. Cummins provides psychological recovery services to public and private school populations.

This webinar was designed to help participants:
■Better understand the key elements of comprehensive, all-hazards emergency management planning
■Develop and implement school emergency management plans
■Plan the recovery phase of school emergency management, and learn how to incorporate threat assessment processes into this effort


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